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Cellwood®'s 2-piece gable vents provide adequate airflow to attics and are maintenance-free. And, our selection of mounting blocks and vents makes mounting light fixtures, house numbers and receptacles easy. Most importantly, all of our products are constructed of durable polymers and vinyl so there is virtually no maintenance.

Our blocks and vents are available in up to 120 beautiful colors. They can be matched to virtually any vinyl siding color.

Download the Cellwood Color Selector Chart (184 Kb, PDF)

Download our Cellwood Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Accessory Product Brochure (2.7 Mb, PDF)
Mounting Blocks and Vents

• Large selection of mounting block components for mounting:
- light fixtures
- house numbers
- receptacles
- utility meters
- doorbells

• Manufactured with ultraviolet-stabilized color, minimizing the effects of exposure to the elements

• Compatible with all siding profiles

• Rich textured appearance

• Receiving J-channel adjusts from 3/4" to 1-1/4" with a positive locking system

• Dryer vents available in hooded and louvered styles
- Built-in grate keeps animals out

• Available to match over 100 vinyl siding colors

Cellwood® Gable Vents

• 2-piece gable vents available in round, square, octagonal, half-round and rectangular

• Cellwood®'s 2-piece gable vent system is fully compatible with all siding profiles, colors and types

• Simply install a base when installing the siding and snap on the cover later

• Rectangular bases, instead of round, make siding cuts easier

• Multi-position feature available for premium siding installations that include foam backing

• Ventilates attic

• Available in virtually all vinyl siding colors

• Paintable version available

• Adjustable 5/8" — 1–1/4" for use with all siding styles